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Here I will share with you my personal and professional insights from my entrepreneurial journey!

I'm Sagi Zilbershatz

An Israeli entrepreneur currently based in Vienna, Austria.

I started my journey about 7 years ago when I decided to leave everything behind and build a better life for myself in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, I wondered and moved a lot, worked in countless jobs and slowly established myself as an entrepreneur and activist here in Vienna. One principle which is always guiding me throughout my journey is to be of value to anyone I encounter and I hope that this blog will be both meaningful and inspiring
for you.

What I can do for you!

Pro Bono Consulting
Pro Bono Consulting

I offer free advisory services designed to support the structure, operation and growth of non profit organizations and social businesses. My team and I are ready to transform your organization.

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Talks and Workshops
Talks and Workshops

I offer five different talks and workshops designed to inspire entrepreneurs, business owners and activists and provide them with innovative tools to build and improve their companies and organizations!

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I’m currently working on some exciting projects but always happy to collaborate! Get in touch and lets start working together!

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My Blind Boss

10 lessons of how to overcome any challenge!

In each of the 10 chapters of the book, I will share with you one lesson I learned from Daniel about using all our senses, forming a winning team, seeing beyond what others can see through our imagination and much more. I will then demonstrate how I applied these lessons to make better decisions, surround myself with better people and run successful business and organizations. Through this book, I hope to make you see that limitations are truly a product of a corrupt use of our imagination. I hope to open your eyes to your potential as a human being, your unbelievably incredible skills which you may have yet discovered and the possible meaning behind life’s harsh lessons and suffering. I’m full of gratitude to Daniel for giving a chance to a young kitchen helper and I hope these lessons will transform your life.

My Blog

Stories and Insights from my Personal and Professional Experience!

It’s not everyday that you get to meet a highly successful person and to spend 2 whole hours with them. And just to clarify, by successful i mea

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One of the toughest jobs in the world is customer service. Customer service means to constantly smile, answer ridiculous questions, have an endless am

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Let’s be honest for a moment, most of us aren’t looking for answers We say we do but we don’t really mean it. We also say we want to be successf

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My videos

Get to know me and my projects better by watching my videos! here i will share with you my tips, updates, interviews and talks which i hope will enrich and inspire you!

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