Insights for entrepreneurs

When you worry about money- do this!

In the previous article, i wrote about the biggest worry of all- money. This ridiculous yet dangerous worry must be properly addressed so its seeds don’t grow into parasitic plants in the beautiful garden which is your mind. As i wrote, one way to deal with your worry is to examine it and negate it […]

The biggest worry there is- what if i run out of money?

I’m a big believer in self imposed cognitive dissonance. Questioning our beliefs, perceptions and opinions is essential for our personal evolution as human beings. It’s even more challenging when it comes to our worries and fears. It’s said that worries are nothing more than a corrupt use of our imagination. It creates a reality in […]

Becoming an expert at age 11- my fish story

For as long as i can remember i loved animals. My dreams as a child constantly shifted from owning a dog to a cat, then to birds, snakes, lizards, and finally fish. The last option was also the only logical possibility, as we lived in a the smallest apartment in the neighborhood. We didn’t buy […]

How can I be a consultant?

When i first started offering freelance consulting services, i felt quite uneasy. Although being 21 years old, i had quite a long resume behind me including several management position in three different industries. My background, upbringing and life circumstances forced me to outperform my competition which led to me becoming in charge of employees, marchandise […]