Insights for entrepreneurs

Up Your Video Marketing Game

Make no mistake: marketing will either make or break you! There have been countless cases of young companies with brilliant ideas that failed to reach any audience. Or even more frustrating- another company simply copied the idea, embellished it with attractive marketing and reaped all the profits. So how to avoid that? What are the marketing tactics […]

The great don’t wait!

Success is almost always measured by the execution and not by the mere generation of great ideas! Actually, our control over our ideas is very limited. We can read, expose ourselves to information, gain knowledge or experiences which can surely trigger great ideas, but these ideas may be formed in our brain tomorrow, in a […]

Start branding yourself!

The  term “branding” is  widely  used  by  marketers. The  basic  meaning  of branding  is  to  create  a unique  image  in consumers’  mind  concerning  specific  products  or  the  company as a whole. By creating a unique image, a company can differentiate itself from other companies in  the market and stand out in the crowd. Branding is usually done […]

Finding your “How”

Establishing an organization or starting your own business is never easy. There’s no manual, no step by step guide and no clear instructions of how to transform your idea into a winning product or service. Business owners often have a blur idea of what is their WHY and what is their WHAT. Their HOW, however, […]