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How to save your new year’s resolutions- Part 2

111Tomorrow is the day you have been waiting for. It’s the first day of your best year yet! To make it your best year, however, you must know what the best year looks like. Lets continue our list from where we stopped yesterday. What if you don’t have your why? As i mentioned yesterday, goals […]

Why do we trust the barber to not kill us?

When you write a blog Everyday experiences become more interesting and more philosophical. Routine activities such as going to the barber shop, to a spa treatment or the dentist, become enlightening experiences. Personally, i’m a big fan of deriving valuable lessons from ordinary events. Perhaps i developed this mentality as a Secret Vienna explorer, constantly […]

Winter is coming! Make sure you are prepared!

Growing is painful. It hurts both physically and mentally. There’s no difference whether it’s personal growth, business growth or societal growth- it’s all the same. In his brilliant lecture, which you can find on youtube, the incredible speaker Jim Rohn spoke about the seasons of life. He gracefully describes in his talk how we must […]