My Blind Boss

10 lessons of how to overcome any challenge!

Read the story of my boss Daniel

The real story a young man who overcame a severe injury which took away his eyesight and became a successful entrepreneur!

Transform the way you see the world

Apply these 10 practical lessons in your life to overcome your fears, better use your imagination and reach your goals!

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My Blind Boss can teach you

  • How to be blind to your fears!

    We all fear uncertainty but can overcome it using simple steps.

  • How to see beyond what others see!

    Much is hiding below the surface and requires more than mere eyesight to become visible

  • How to imagine and invision!

    Our brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination! Use it in your favour!

  • How to spot the right people!

    Forming a winning team is crucial, especially when you are blind!

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