Who i am


My name is Sagi Zilbershatz

An Israeli entrepreneur living in Vienna, Austria

My mission in life is simple- to give value to those i encounter and make their lives a little better than before we met.

I try to do so through my two companies- Secret Vienna and Vsible.online.

I’ve also been active in Vienna in various ways, from starting educational programs and founding a co-working space to supporting NGOs and establishing volunteering programs.

I appreciate you stopping by and having an interest in my life!

I too, have an interest in yours and so how about we schedule a meeting and talk about what it is that we can do together?

Sounds good? Then simply send me a message and let’s get in touch. Coffee is on me!

My Companies

Tourism and Marketing

My Companies


What i do


Sagi Zilbershatz Consulting

For years now i’ve been working with small businesses, entrepreneurs and NGOs and helped them start and grow their business or organization. Currently, through my marketing agency Vsible.Online I focus on content marketing, social media, business development and community building.

If this services is relevant for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sagi Zilbershatz public speaking

I offer talks and presentations for events, academic institutions and conferences in various topics. Due to my experience in diverse fields i can offer interesting talks, workshops and keynote speeches in a wide range of topics. Some of the talks i’ve offered so far include:

– My blind Boss: 10 lessons to overcome any challenge– offered at the 101 conference in Vienna

– AR and VR and the future of tourism– offered at Modul University in Vienna

– Not in God’s Name- Counter Radicalization Narratives– offered at an OSCE workshop in Vienna

– The Role of Entrepreneurship In Solving National Problems– offered at the World Youth Academy seminar in Vienna

Contact me if you are interested in talks about:

– Entrepreneurship – The future of tourism

– Counter radicalization – Vienna and its history

– My book and life story – Starting up in a foreign country

Secret Vienna online tour

The corona pandemic made it impossible for visitors to come and explore the beautiful city of Vienna! To bring Vienna to your home, i designed an online tour focused exclusively on Jewish Vienna and the evolution of the Jewish community from Roman times to the 21st century.

If you are a member of a Jewish community in the U.S, Canada, Australia or elsewhere and would like to take a journey back in time to the glorious as well as dark days of the Austrian capital, contact me and let’s explore the city together!

Global Shapers Vienna

Both during my work in Vancouver Canada and in Vienna, i’ve been involved with nonprofit organizations. In Canada i worked as a PR representative for organizations such as BC Cancer Foundation and World Vision. In Vienna i both ran and founded NGOs in the fields of counter radicalization or social work.

I’m offering my services and experience for free to any NGO that needs help to create a better image, reach more audience, raise donations, build a website or any other possible need.

Simply send me a message and let both me and my team join your worthy cause!

My Blog

My blog

My Blog

Why do we buy from small shops and businesses? Corona Research Part I

Why do we buy from small businesses

The Corona crisis has dramatically changed our life, both as consumers and business owners. Many problems it which it has created, however, were existing problems which until recently remained under the surface. The demanding world of business often forces us to become reactive and responsive rather than proactive.

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Caption Three

My Blind Boss

My book

My Blind Boss

My blind boss tells the inspiring story of Daniel, an entrepreneur who achieved great success and opened various businesses in Israel despite being completely blind.

After losing his eyesight in a brutal war, Daniel had to adjust to life in darkness. Through his desire to live and his eagerness to prove everyone wrong he managed to overcome incredible challenges on his way to becoming a successful business owner.

I was lucky enough to work for him and in this book i will share with you his story, my story and the lessons i learned from him about business and life.

My upcoming book- My Blind Boss
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Partners and customers

Let’s connect

Get in touch!

Let’s connect

If you feel that we can work together or are interested in one of my services, please send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as I can!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to exploring some new opportunities together!