Insights for entrepreneurs

Remember this sentence when your fears takes over!

The new year has started and you are

excited about the endless possibilities!

You write down your new genius ideas and

million dollar projects which are going to

make this year extraordinary.

You write down your big goals because

you know that in order to be big

you must aim high.


But as the time goes, something stops you.

Corrupt thoughts start to kick in and start poisoning

the positive seeds you have been planting

in the garden of your mind.

Not all these thoughts are bad.

Some thoughts are there to protect you.

And rationally speaking, they have a point.

They tell you it’s dangerous to aim high.

What if you aim and miss?

What if you hope but get disappointed or worse-

disappoint others?


We call these thoughts worries or fear.

We consider them the enemy.

Somewhere in our mind, we know our fears

are there to protect us.

A defence mechanism we never asked for,

which keeps us safe in this harsh world of

countless failures and disappointments.


I face these worries and fears every single day.

As an entrepreneur, uncertainty can drive you crazy.

You often find yourself wondering whether you made

the right decision or doubting yourself and your

abilities to get things under control.

Especially at night, the mind seems to get flooded

by these corrupt thoughts, that seem to take advantage of your

low energy to find their way in and spread like wildfire.


Personally, i used to treat fear as the enemy

and just like you, i used to seek more control to

eliminate uncertainty and thus reduce

my fear and worries.

But what if that’s an incorrect approach that misses the point?

As famous author and self improvement guru Robin Sharma said-

“Fear is our opportunity to practice bravery”.

Think about it.

What a beautiful sentence it is.


We are much braver than we think we are.

We get to test our bravery in situations

which we often try to avoid.

Why avoid them?

Why not test how brave we actually are?

Next time you feel fear,

filled with worries and uncertainty,

remember that this is your chance to

unleash your bravery!

This is when you find the greatness within!

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