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Pro Bono Consulting

Establishing and managing a non profit organization, a social business or a normal private business is challenging, exhausting and terrifying. You are fighting mostly alone against countless challenges, each one threatening to break your entrepreneurial spirit. I know exactly what it feels like as I had the same hardships as you! I’m running businesses at a foreign country with only a limited command of the local language! I work in a foreign legal system where the smallest mistakes have proved highly costly! And, I work with a limited resources which make every mistake potentially devastating.

Yet despite all that, my ventures have proven highly successful. After taking over the blog Secret Vienna, I turned it into a tourism company which was recently ranked 1st place on Trip Advisor in Vienna. Not In God’s Name, an organization I co-managed was nominated as Austria’s organization of the year and won the prestigious title “Integration organization of the year”. I’m not sharing this information to boost my ego but to express my will to support you with what I learned and experienced.

This service is limited and depends on my capacity and time availability. If you are an NGO or a social business, I also invite you to join the social work hub network where you can get office space, consulting, access to relevant, high quality information and to a vast network of organizations and activists in Europe and in particular in Austria.

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Consulting Services

Marketing and Branding

Improve your brand identity and develop a winning marketing strategy to boost your customer acquisition and retention capabilities.

Public Relations

Gain traction through exposure in relevant online and offline media channels and spread your message to your target audience.

Social Media & Content

Generate valuable and engaging content and reach your target audience on the various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Budget Planning & Fundraising

Learn how to initiate project with a minimal budget and how to successfully get financial support from private or governmental resources.

Business Development

Grow and expand your business without losing control over your daily operation. Gradually scale your business locally or internationally.

Internal Communication

Exchange information with your team, collaborators and other relevant stakeholders in a clear and systematic way to maximize operational efficiency.

My Blog

Stories and Insights from my Personal and Professional Experience!
Support Small businesses in Vienna

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