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Was I wrong all along? The secrets of one of Israel’s most successful entrepreneurs!

It’s not everyday that you get to meet a highly successful person
and to spend 2 whole hours with them.
And just to clarify, by successful i mean a man who started from the bottom
(just a small neighbourhood shop owner) and became one
of the most successful entrepreneurs in Israel.
This man now owns the third largest supermarket chain in Israel
with supermarkets across the country,
one of the most successful coffee chains with branches both in and out of Israel,
real estate as well as a cellular company.
His company’s net income in 2011 for instance, was 92.47 billion dollars.
He has done it all with no education, with a severe case of dyslexia
and with no guidance whatsoever.

Before meeting Rami Levi, i thought i had a clear profile in my mind
of the successful person i strive to become.
I have always believed in some basic characteristics
which one requires in order to become highly successful.
Characteristics such as being knowledgeable, well connected,
sharp and intelligent, curious and eager to learn, etc.
Without these traits, it would be impossible to reach far
and climb the ladder all the way to the top.
Or so i thought.

You see, Rami Levi was none of the above.
When we talked, his short attention span made it difficult to truly converse.
He was not eager to learn or show any curiosity and simply
didn’t fit the image i had in my mind.
My meeting with him truly made me wonder-
Was i wrong all along?
Was my profile of success simply based on my own wishes?
And if i am still right, what is the secret of Rami Levi?

These questions bothered me for days.
Coincidentally, i found my answers only few days later,
when i unexpectedly met the consultant of Rami Levi.
For him, the secret of Rami Levi is very simple and includes two components:
Making the right decision at the right time. 
He explained that Rami Levi made a crucial decision-
to lower the price of supermarket products dramatically.
He was not greedy and when all other supermarkets increased prices, he decreased them.
He went against the market’s trend and against
much bigger players and was highly rewarded for it.
But that’s not all.
Simply decreasing prices in your own small shop is nice and
beneficial for the direct customers in the neighbourhood,
but how did he become an empire?

The answer is- his timing! 
You see, Rami Levi changed the prices right before
a major movement begun protesting against the cost of living.
The moment became massive and Rami Levi was seen as one of the
only people who truly understand the pain of the protesters.
This move, at the right time, enabled him to grow and expand.

For me, and hopefully for you too, this story has a strong message.
We do need to work on our character to become better people.
But when it comes to success, sometimes it is simply about
making the right decision at the right time.

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