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When your customers take you hostage

One of the toughest jobs in the world is

customer service.

Customer service means to constantly smile,

answer ridiculous questions, have an endless amount of

patience and avoid laughing out loud when they

ask an unbelievably stupid question.

And they always do.

But they are allowed to. They are the customers.

At least that’s what we were always told!


In order to survive as a service provider in the market,

you must learn how to deal with customers.

Not because they are always right. They aren’t.

But mainly because, the power is in their hands.

When running a business like a tourism firm, when most

of the customers book through rankings and reviews,

the customer can easily take you hostage.

If the constantly growing, already high expectations

of the customers aren’t met,

you may find yourself in trouble.

In our world of service providers, a bad review can truly

bring a business to its knees.


To cope with tough customers, some choose to see them as

little children, craving attention.

This choice is quite logical, especially as some customers

are over demanding, crying for no reason and expecting

someone to care for any need they may have.

But after all, there are no bad children,

only children who feel bad.

So we must take a deep breath, control our urge

to punch somebody in the face, and answer

those absurd questions with a soft voice and a big smile.


I know many people who see things this way. Not me.

Personally, i think that when you choose to work in any service

industry, you better see things differently.

More philosophically perhaps.

My experience working in the tourism industry has taught me

to see my work as nothing less than a calling.


You see, i don’t offer just a service.

I improve people’s lives.

And the truth is, many people have a lot

to be improved in their lives.


You as the service provider have a

unique opportunity to do far beyond

what you are paid for.

You can truly change the lives of people

if you just have the right mindset.

All you need to do is re-define your service for yourself.

My business isn’t walking tours.

It’s about offering unforgettable experiences which

our clients can share with loved ones.

It’s about transforming the way people see

and live in their own city.


Having the right perspective and the right attitude

can truly do wonders.

No longer can you be taken hostage by your customers!

They simply see and feel that your care.

They see you take things personally and have

their best interest in mind.

Our service at Secret Vienna is not perfect

and we do get complaints just like anybody else.

The difference is, we only get complaints privately.

Our customers know that even with hard work

and dedication, things can go wrong.

But the service has become almost secondary

to the personal care they received.


Customer service is a mission.

It is not for everybody.

It’s demanding, tiring, frustrating sometime.

But it’s also as rewarding as it gets.

And in the evening, when you count

the little money you have made

you know you made a difference and

changed someone’s life today.


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