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What is it all for?

For a long time i’ve been planning and designing the right platform for me to share my ideas, insights and experience. I’ve finally decided to create this blog which aims to share my personal and business growth and hopefully contribute to yours. As an entrepreneur and social activist i mainly show half truths in the form of beautiful pictures and amazing achievements. Rarely do i get the chance to share the struggle, the inner battles, the daily challenges which make me question everything. We all have these struggles which, with time, turn into valuable lessons worth sharing.

This blog is a collection of such lessons. Some are more personal, while others more business related. I will share my expertise of helping non profit organizations apply business principles to become more sustainable and balanced. The same principles which I apply in my business, i try to apply in my life as well. This too, will be shared here on a weekly basis. The articles will be quite short, to make them easy to read and not too time consuming. I will also try to keep it as raw as possible, from my mind to the paper with minimal editing. I believe this way the content will be most authentic and will give you a glimpse into my mind.

What is it all for, your asking? It’s for us, for you and me. I hope that through these articles we can grow and evolve. It’s especially for you if you are a social entrepreneur, trying to keep you organization alive or if you are a small business owner trying to get new ideas or tools to expand. You might not find here all the answers you are looking for. You will, however, find many of the right questions to ask yourself. Such questions are often all we need. The answers may constantly change and be influenced by our life’s circumstances, but the questions remain the same.

I encourage you to see this blog as your platform as well. In the comments section, please share your thoughts! Also, please contact me if you want to share your own story or insight that can be useful for the rest of us. I believe that each of our creation must become bigger than ourselves to truly grow. If you do decide to send me your article, please stick to the raw style of the blog. Write what comes to mind and bring out your true self.

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